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A Demanding Marketplace

Today’s institutional investors come in varied forms, presenting diverse requirements for performance, asset size, composite history, organizational infrastructure and reporting.

In addition to defined benefit plans, significant sources of investment capital include defined contribution plans, insurers, foundations, endowments, broker dealers, family offices and investment pools of all types.

Meeting the performance, due diligence and reporting tests of these investors is just part of the task. The successful manager must also satisfy the requirements and earn the trust and approvals of the intermediaries and third-party information and rating agencies that serve them.  Succeeding in this demanding marketplace requires both experience and infrastructure – a sales and marketing platform beyond the scope and scale of many boutique and emerging managers.

Your Competitors

Land of The Giants

Due to their nimble size and focused structures, boutique and emerging managers as a group command an enviable profile of high potential supported by a track record of outperformance.

However, these firms are often challenged to achieve recognition in the marketplace and to stand out in finals competitions against larger firms with well-defined and recognized brands.

Effective sales and marketing disciplines preserve and leverage the boutique advantage through an organized, differentiated and confident delivery of key firm messages at every point of engagement.

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When All The Details Matter

While focus and scale contribute mightily to the potential of boutique firms, they are also often the most common impediments to effective sales and marketing.

Databases require quarterly or monthly maintenance. RFP responses must be timely, thoughtful, accurate and consistent with sales materials and reported results. Every point of contact should serve to differentiate the firm positively from competitors. Representation of the firm to clients, consultants, advisors and others must be professional, confident and strategically driven.

In this environment, the allowable margin of error is low, costs can be significant and management of an in-house sales and marketing mission can be consuming. This drain is especially high for company executives whose primary role is portfolio management, strategy or investment leadership.

HIGH ROI: An effective, comprehensive professional sales and marketing organization delivers a high return for the manager.

Breaking Through

Your Accomplished And Capable Distribution Team

Genesis Marketing provides the experience, resources and infrastructure essential for investment managers to achieve business success commensurate with their acumen and accomplishment. Genesis brings superior knowledge of the investment management industry and significant depth of contact with fund managers, consultants and other key participants.

Genesis facilitates precise and differentiated positioning of investment firms and products in support of proven marketplace strategies and engagement plans. A high-performing investment team deserves to be represented by an equally accomplished and capable distribution organization. Genesis Marketing is without parallel in delivering positive market presence and seizing opportunity on behalf of managers.