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The Genesis Story

History of Effective Representation And Responsive Client Services

The needs of individual and institutional investors changed markedly in the 1980s and 1990s as the provisions of the landmark ERISA statutes of the 1970s gathered force.
Additionally, the expected shortfall of Social Security became more apparent and fueled urgency. In this environment, the modern investment management industry began to take form. Lean and focused professional portfolio management companies supplanted bank trust departments as the search for smart, alpha-oriented managers of stock and bond portfolios emerged in earnest.

Fertile Ground For Investment Managers

In this environment, nimble, focused boutique investment houses proved their mettle, taking share from bureaucratic and underperforming investment banks and brokerages. The roots of Genesis Marketing were firmly established in this era with the launch of a predecessor firm in 1987 and the formation of Genesis in 1993. Today, while many of the boutique investment management houses of the 1980s and ’90s have grown into the behemoths of a new millennium, the appetites of smart, institutional investors for nimble, high-performing managers persist and continue to be served by Genesis and its select stable of premier investment talent.

For more than three decades, the organization, under the guidance of founder and president Ron Oldenkamp, has identified some of the best boutique and emerging manager talent in the industry, raising billions of dollars in investment assets and contributing to the investment success of individuals, pension funds, foundations, endowments and others.

Genesis Today

The organization remains at the forefront of the third-party marketing industry, known and respected for expertise, professionalism and the success Genesis has achieved for a select group of investment managers.

Our Mission And Vision

Our mission is to assist our clients in achieving their new business objectives with integrity and professionalism.
We truly enjoy finding high-quality managers we can represent in the marketplace. Our reputation and access to the marketplace has been significantly enhanced over the years by our ability to introduce new, interesting and appealing money managers.
Our plans are to selectively grow our sales and support staff with professionals who have demonstrated a high level of professionalism, integrity and experience.

Representation You Need And Deserve

Whether you are an emerging or established manager, market presence is essential to achieving your potential in winning mandates and gathering assets from highly sought institutional clients. It is most effective in the form of well known, credible and skilled representatives.
Genesis professionals have been active participants in this specialized marketplace for more than three decades. They hold a well earned record of success and a reputation for discovery and responsive representation of premier boutique and emerging managers.

Genesis Brings You

• Established relationships with influential investors and consultants

• Active participation at industry conferences

• Customized database and prospect tracking